Application Instructions
To complete and submit your application online please click the Application For Campus Classes link below. Once your application has been completed you will be prompted to submit your $50.00 application fee.


If you wish to print out your application and mail it to us click the Print Application link below. Applicants must fully complete all sections of this application. Print legibly in ink or type your response to each item and sign the application in all proper areas. Remember to include your $50.00 application fee and mail your application to the address below.


Please Submit your Application to:
Midwest Bible College
P.O. Box 270184
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Application for Advanced Standing / Transfer Applications
Because of the nature of this curricula we strongly suggest that you begin at the Associate level. However, to be considered for advanced placement, Midwest Bible College will evaluate transcripts containing Bible classes and other materials to make its determination. If you wish to enter into any program other than the first year Associates Program you must request the Registrar at each post-secondary institution in which you have enrolled since graduation from high school to mail an official copy of your transcript directly to Midwest Bible College. You are also required to furnish Midwest Bible College with a photocopy of each degree that you have been issued. Midwest Bible College reserves the right to determine whether or not to allow the transfer of credits earned for similar courses taken at other institutions.

Simply enclose this information along with your completed enrollment application and the appropriate application fees. Make your check for $50.00 payable to and mail to Midwest Bible College. Your request will be evaluated and you will be notified of your advanced standing.

Midwest Bible College recognizes life-learning experience and will issue credit for such experience. However, such credit must be determined by the department head at the candidate’s evaluation process. The option to “test out” of certain courses may only be extended to pastors who have been in full time ministry for more than ten years and must be approved by the registrar of Midwest Bible College.