This course consists of two semesters: Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-May).

This course is available for on campus and online students.

Pre-requisites: Associate in Biblical Studies

Graduation Requirement: A 3,000 word term paper on How will the Armor Bearers of Today be the Leaders of Tomorrow? And how does this apply to my life / ministry? All work completed satisfactorily; all tuition, books and fees paid.

Course Number Credits Description
BSB-201 8 SYNOPTIC GOSPELS. A detailed account of the final week of Christ’s Ministry as recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke.
BSB-202 6 1 & 2 TIMOTHY AND TITUS. A chapter-by-chapter study of Paul’s pastoral instruction and admonitions.
BSB-203 4 RUTH AND ESTHER. Historical insights into the times and lifestyles of the Jews; reveals all allegorical truths of the relationship of Christ and His church.
BSB-204 5 PROVERBS. A survey of the entire book, presented both topically and by chapter, takes the believer from pre-salvation through instruction in righteousness to full maturity in Christ.
BSB-205 4 EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. A devotional chapter-by-chapter study, portraying the restoration of the temple and Jerusalem under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah.
BSB-206 5 ROMANS. A study of how the Apostle Paul lays the doctrinal foundation of the Christian Faith, the sovereignty of God and practical Christianity presented.
BSB-207 5 GENESIS. Chapter-by-chapter study with spiritual applications for the believer.
BSB-208 4 EXODUS. The account of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, giving insight into the types and shadows of Christ’s redemptive work.
BSB-209 5 ISAIAH. A study of the denunciation of Israel, Judah and other nations; numerous prophecies concerning the Messiah and the coming kingdom; the message of consolation and further prophecies of the coming Messiah.
BSB-210 10 DANIEL AND REVELATION. A clear study of each chapter emphasizing important prophecies including Daniel’s “70 weeks”; a complete study of the end-time events of human history as well as the Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon, Return of Christ and Millennium.
BSB-211 12 3,000 Word Term Paper.
BSB-212 4 Three Assigned Book Reports.