Our school year consists of two semesters: Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-June).

Pre-requisites: Bachelor in Biblical Studies or beyond

Graduation Requirement: A 5,000 word thesis. All work completed satisfactorily; all tuition and book fees paid.

Graduates of Midwest Bible College of Milwaukee will be called upon to provide counsel to people facing life challenges. Biblical counsel is of utmost importance. Students will learn an effective and biblical way of counseling those who need help. This certificate does not lead to becoming a state licensed counselor but does prepare the student for providing sound biblical answers to the challenges the counselee faces.

Course Number CreditsDescription
CBC-310 6 COUNSELING AUTHORITY. The student builds a biblical basis for counseling.
CBC-311 6 COUNSELING MODEL. This course is about how to effectively counsel people.
CBC-312 6 COUNSELING TECHNIQUES. Good counseling techniques are added to the model to make it stronger.
CBC-313 6 COUNSELING RESOURCES. Many tools are added to the counselor’s toolbox in this course.
CBC-314 6 COUNSELING MANAGEMENT. Learning how to build an effective counseling ministry in the local church is the purpose of this course.
CBC-315 12 COUNSELING THESIS. The graduation requirement is a 5,000 word thesis based on an approved counseling topic.

“Biblical Counseling is unique in two ways in that it focuses on lasting heart change in the life of the counselee through the application of biblical principles in the life and in that it is based upon disciple-making like Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20.” -Dr. Don Robins