Pre-requisites: Master in Biblical Studies

We will evaluate a student’s transcripts from other Bible Schools, Colleges and Universities. Any area of deficiency in training or voids in studying required materials will be addressed. An individual plan will be made to fill in any areas that have not been covered. These courses will be given on an independent study basis or in classes.

When the program is complete, the doctoral candidate is required to submit a 50,000 word positional thesis in his or her chosen field of Biblical study. This must be defended before a review board.

Individuals who have been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years  and hold a Master’s degree in Theology may apply for a life-long learning experience academic credit.  A Doctoral degree will not be issued until that candidate has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biblical Studies first.

Transfer students will only be considered for the Doctoral program after completed application, appropriate fee, and transcripts have been submitted.  For additional details on applying for advanced standing see our Policies and Info Page.