This course consists of two semesters: Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-June).  The Master’s Program is a two year program.  For first year details click here.

Pre-requisites: Master of Bible Studies-1st Year

Graduation Requirements: A 25,000 word thesis. All work completed satisfactorily; all tuition, books and fees paid.

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Course Number Credits Description
BSM2-401 2 JOSHUA. The history of Israel’s possession of the land.
BSM2-402 2 JUDGES. God’s repeated deliverance of Israel during a time of increasing national apostasy; heroes of faith provide examples for all believers.
BSM2-403 4 1 & 2 SAMUEL. Samuel’s birth and public ministry and the early years of Saul’s reign; deals with the decline of Saul’s character and the latter years of his reign. These studies also cover the lives of Samuel the prophet and Saul, the first king of Israel, with spiritual applications.
BSM2-404 6 KINGS AND CHRONICLES. These are comprehensive studies of the Kings of Israel and Judah.
BSM2-405 2 SONG OF SOLOMON. A chapter-by-chapter study from a devotional and inspirational viewpoint.
BSM2-406 8 PSALMS. Explains the characteristics of Hebrew poetry; covers the psalms of devotion, the Imprecatory psalms, the Messianic psalms; Penitential psalms, psalms of worship, praise and adoration, and Historical psalms. This teaching of Psalms deals with the main themes of this beautiful portion of Scripture.
BSM2-407 3 ECCLESIASTES. A comprehensive study of one of the Old Testament books of wisdom, which emphasizes the spiritual principals discovered by Solomon in his search for true reality.
BSM2-408 6 Three Assigned Book Reports.

The Master’s Program is a two year program.  For first year details click here.