This course consists of two semesters: Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-May).

This course is available for on campus and online students.

Pre-requisites: High school diploma or GED, born-again experience, active church attendance and acceptance to Midwest Bible College.

Graduation Requirements: All work completed satisfactorily; all tuition, books and fees paid.

Course Number Credits Description
BSA-101 6 INTRODUCTORY STUDY AND THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. A synthesis of salvation, water baptism, prayer, how to study the Bible, different Bible translations and other basic topics plus a chapter study of Jesus’ ministry and teachings.
BSA-102 7 ACTS. The supernatural workings of God in the early church and the life and missionary journeys of the Apostel Paul.
BSA-103 7 GALATIANS, PHILLIPPIANS, COLOSSIANS & PHILEMON. This study teaches law and grace, and an excellent chapter-by-chapter study of Paul’s letters.
BSA-104 7 HEBREWS, JAMES 1, 2 & 3, JOHN AND JUDE. An excellent chapter-by-chapter study including an eye-opening study of John’s emphasis on love and fellowship.
BSA-105 5 EPHESIANS. A wonderful study regarding the inheritance of the believer.
BSA-106 11 1 AND 2 CORINTHIANS. A great study of the Gifts of the Spirit and instructions to God’s people.
BSA-107 7 1 AND 2 PETER; 1 AND 2 THESSALONIANS. A study on joy in the midst of suffering and the importance of growing in the Word. Gives insight into the close relationship between Paul and the Thessalonian believers.
BSA-108 10 SYNOPTIC GOSPELS. A synthesis of Matthew, Mark and Luke that provides a chronology of the ministry of Christ up to passion week.